Bijal Jewellers is a business built on family. Nobody is prouder of this than Mr Vinod Pala, the company’s founder and owner. He has come from humble beginnings to prove that with passion, expertise and tradition a remarkable brand can be built.


Having become a qualified goldsmith in Nairobi, Kenya, Vinod moved into watchmaking and jewellery. With his skills and obvious natural talent in the position he became highly regarded by internationally recognised jewellery brands. Rolex won the race for his abilities and Vinod impressed during his time there.


Everything seemed to be going well, but following political unrest in the area, Vinod and his wife Madhu, moved to Leicester to pursue their dreams. With the support of their friends and families their dreams were quickly realised. In 1982 Bijal Jewellers was founded. The jewellery shop, named after their daughter, flourished and over thirty years later continues to boom.


The shop, like many other independent companies, started with a small budget but with a business model focussed on customer satisfaction and after care, their business became a valued part of the community.


Throughout the history of Bijal Jewellers they have proven that high quality products coupled with high quality service really does pay off. As the company has grown it has inspired generations and created a new found excitement about watches and jewellery in Leicester and the surrounding areas.


Vinod and Pala should be proud of their achievements to date. Bijal Jewellers has not only become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all watch and jewellery queries but the cornerstone of a thriving community.